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More and more California parents are removing their children from government (public) schools. BUT WHY? 

With 10 sexual indoctrination laws impacting kids in every public school (and no parental opt-out), and 10 more alarming concerns, dads and moms have realized that today's public schools are UNSAFE -- 
mentally, emotionally, spiritually, academically, sexually and physically. 
It's a system broken beyond repair with an indoctrination agenda in conflict with your family's moral standards and wholesome education dreams.

See the 10 bad laws + 10 more concerns, then see how to rescue your children and be their main life influencer (in the few years you have them) so they're EQUIPPED to take on the world!






Reach dads, moms and grandparents in your community and church with the reality of today's government schools. Download and distribute our flyer.

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