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Understand AB 394

Bill facts:

AB 394 PDF effectively promotes transsexual, bisexual, homosexual indoctrination of students, parents, and teachers via “anti-harassment” materials.

While SB 777 indoctrinates via school textbooks and activities, the
text of AB 394 requires indoctrination of children and their parents via publications, postings on walls, curricula on school websites, and in handouts to take home.

At every point of these on-campus “training” mandates, various sexual lifestyles, including transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality, must be positively portrayed to students
as young as kindergarten.

Publications: Section 234.1(c) of the bill requires schools to “publicize antidiscrimination and harassment policies” and “the information shall be translated” into other languages.

Postings: Section 234.1(d) of the bill requires schools to “post antidiscrimination and antiharassment policies in all schools and offices, including staff lounges and pupil government offices.”

Curricula: Section 234.2 of the bill requires the California Department of Education to “display information on curricula” related to discrimination and harassment based on Penal Code, Section 422.55’s characteristics — specifically, transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality.

Handouts: Section 234.3 of the bill mandates that the California Department of Education to develop “a model handout” promoting these sexual lifestyles to students under the guise of “antidiscrimination” training.

AB 394 fails to define “harassment.” Could a parent who says marriage is only for a man and a woman in the presence of a lesbian teacher be found guilty of “harassment?” Could a student saying that babies are either boys or girls be labeled “harassment” by a transgender teacher?

Poor drafting means this law infringes upon free speech in unexpected ways. is a project of -- your statewide pro-family organization, standing strong for moral virtues for the common good since 1999.