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Q & A with Randy Thomasson 


Randy answers parents' pressing questions

Randy Thomasson is a longtime California pro-family leader and president of He has been leading for family-friendly policies in government and society since 1993. Randy's bio.

Q: Is SB 48, requiring children to admire “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans" mandatory for all public schools in California?
Yes. According the Senate Floor Analysis (written by Democrat staffers) of SB 48: This bill (1) adds persons with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans to the list of groups of people whose role and contributions must be accurately portrayed in social science instruction and instructional materials, and (2) prohibits the State Board of Education and the governing board of any school district from adopting textbooks or other instructional materials that reflect adversely upon a person's religion, or sexual orientation. Note “must” and “prohibit.” Also realize that “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” are changeable lifestyles that are unnaturally grouped with non-changeable characteristic of ethnicity, race, nationality, and physical disabilities. SB 48 is a mandate upon every public school in California, requiring that promotion of homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual personages and lifestyles must be taught to children as young as kindergarten, through “instruction in social sciences.”

Q: How long until we see SB 48 taking effect? 
A: California state law SB 48 was passed and signed in 2011 and in effect as of January 1, 2012. The mandate of supplemental materials or “instructional materials” is immediate; there is a process and schedule for textbook adoption, which will follow over a few years. The supplemental materials that went into effect January 2012, teaching children to admire homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual personages and lifestyles, can occur through handouts, homosexual biographies, classroom discussions, essays and other homework, outside speakers, videos, dramas, etc. But admiration of "LGBT" personages and lifestyles must be taught.

Q: Can’t I just “opt out” of sexual indoctrination?
A: No. In order to opt out of SB 48, SB 777, SB 71, and the other sexual indoctrination laws, you would have to opt out of the entire school day. For example, SB 777 impacts all school “instruction” and every school-sponsored “activity.” This means virtually everything that is taught or done on campus. SB 777 will affect classroom instruction, instructional materials, textbooks, guest speakers, handouts, videos, sex education, drama, music, school assemblies, sports teams, homecoming games, school proms, school clubs, and more. It's because of SB 777 that a homosexual girl was elected "homecoming king" at a San Diego high school.

Currently, the California Department of Education allows parents to “opt out” of sex education, HIV/AIDS education, and sex surveys. But that’s it. Because of the broad and pervasive nature of the new sexual indoctrination laws, there is no escape for children of parents who choose to remain in government-run schools.

Q:So far as I know, my school has not celebrated the annual Harvey Milk Day. Should I still be concerned?
A: Yes, you should. Liberal teachers can promote Harvey Milk that week or month. They’ll do it on their own and the school district will allow it. This could include assigning essays and other writing assignments in support of Harvey Milk's pro-gay, anti-family, anti-Christian agenda. Again, teachers can be Harvey Milk cheerleaders even if the school doesn't hold school-wide exercises or the district hold district-wide exercises. Think it won’t happen in your area? It already has. Here's just one example: See what Deanna Aguire's daughter went through. "Harvey Milk Day" is what school districts in even conservative voter areas are allowing.  

Q: Are schools required to inform parents about upcoming curriculum or events honoring Harvey Milk?
A: No, there’s is nothing requiring parents to be notified about a "Harvey Milk Day" observance or celebration on campus. Likewise, there is no requirement that K-12 govt. schools must celebrate it. However, because liberals are in charge of the larger school districts and many of the smaller ones, they will gladly promote Harvey Milk to children. Even districts in "conservative" areas say they will permit individual teachers to promote Milk's perverse agenda. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other statewide school sexual indoctrination laws being implemented year-round. Thus, the only way to protect children is to remove them permanently from the government school system.

 Why don’t I see any sexual indoctrination happening at my local public school?
A: If you haven't, you will soon or it's happening behind your back because there is no parental notification or opt-out required. SB 48 is the most direct sexual indoctrination law yet, and it will be pushed by school boards because it's the law. Principals will push it on teachers, who will push it on students. Enforcement from the California Department of Education is expected. As for other laws, such as SB 777 and AB 394 from the year 2007, it will require time and lawsuits to implement in public school districts. But sexual indoctrination is already occurring voluntarily at many public schools, and many parents don’t see it until it’s too late. Yet one thing’s for sure. California state law now requires all public schools to positively portray homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. Visit "The Problem" page for details.

You can expect activist attorneys and attorneys from the California Department of Education to enforce SB 48 and SB 777 in the days to come. For example, AB 537 -- requiring public schools to accept homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual students and teachers -- became law in 2000. Four years later, in 2004, the California Department of Education under Jack O’Connell (D) was enforcing AB 537 statewide.

Q: Why focus on sexual indoctrination when there are many other reasons to leave government schools?
The sexual indoctrination laws for California public schools are of most concern to parents who still have their children in the government system. While it is true other concerns regarding academic, social, moral, and religious issues exist, the sexual agenda imposed by SB 48 and many other laws can be very confusing, even damaging, to young children as well as teenagers. Rescuing children from sexual indoctrination is a priority.

Q: Should I be concerned if my child’s teacher is good and my public school seems to respect family values?
A: You should be more than concerned. You should take action to rescue your child, because all teachers and all California public schools will eventually have to follow the sexual indoctrination laws. If they don’t implement the laws, they will be sued for compliance by activist attorneys and attorneys from the California Department of Education. Remember what happened to county clerks in Massachusetts who would not perform same-sex weddings? They were made to resign. Ultimately, children don’t go to a locally-run school, they go to a state government-run school because the state laws apply and will ultimately be matter what your school administrators are telling you now.

Q: We teach our children family values at home. How can they be harmed if we stay with the government schools?
Is your child’s mind as strong as steel? Can he or she withstand a teacher or administrator who is intent on changing what your child believes on sexual matters and other moral values you teach at home? And what about your child's peers? Yes, values are caught more than taught. But are you spending six focussed hours a day teaching and showing your kids family values? The fact is, they spend more time being “taught” in the government school system than being taught by you. Parents with “strong family values” who sent their children to public school have been surprised with the questionable values their children are learning, away from the eyes and ears of mothers and fathers. If family values are important at home, aren’t family values just as important throughout the hours in a school day?

Q: How will SB 48 and SB 777 affect charter schools?
A: SB 48 does not directly impact charter schools, but indirectly pressures them. The last part of SB 48 reads, "It is the intent of the Legislature that alternative and charter schools take notice of the provisions of this act..." In 2007, when SB 777 was signed, we talked with an expert who told us charter schools would not be under the "instruction" and "activities" portion of the bill, because charters determine that for themselves. However, we were told that for the first time, charters would have to permit openly homosexual, bisexual, and cross-dressing teachers, students, and school employees under SB 777.

Q: Isn’t private school too expensive?
It’s really a question of priorities. On this earth, what matter most to you – possessions or your children? Parents who are creative and determined are reprioritizing finances and being creative to find ways to enroll in private school. What you drive, where you live, what you wear, eat, and what you play with all cost something. So does a solid education that will advance your child academically and help you protect your child morally. Think of the high cost of your child being sexually indoctrinated. It's time to financially prioritize for the sake of your children.

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Q: How can I pay less tuition by having my child enrolled in a low-cost church school?
A: First, you must establish a low-cost church school. Any pastor, church worker or motivated parent who has a vision to save children from immoral government schools and a corrupt culture can set up a low-cost church school using empty classrooms and homeschool curriculum. For more information on how to do this, contact Western Christian Academy at 877-412-0706 or Mountainside Academy at 888-TEACH-98.

Q: Can I homeschool if I’m a working parent?
A: Yes, you still have homeschooling options. First, know that there are working moms who homeschool. They have rules and expectations and their child studies at home during the day. Second, if there's a loving grandparent or close relative nearby, he/she could homeschool for you. Third, if you are married and have different working shifts, you can homeschool with you and your husband sharing the overseer role. Read about single parents who homeschool.

Q: How can I do homeschooling when I didn’t do well in school myself?
If you can read at a fifth-grade level, you can homeschool. By using a low-cost, turn-key homeschooling system, a parent only needs to generally supervise their child’s home school education by simply following the instructions for the curriculum you choose. You do not need to be “the teacher.” For the difficult questions, homeschool companies provide teachers in another state by phone or Internet. And connecting to local homeschool groups and other parents who specialize in teaching certain subjects can be helpful. Think you can’t homeschool? Think again.

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Q: What other well-documented resources on these issues do you recommend?
A: There are a number of good books and videos on the public school crisis and how it's hurting children. We highly recommend
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