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How to Start Homeschooling 

YES... you CAN homeschool

Put aside the notion that you can't. Put aside any preconcived ideas about homeschooling. Instead, scroll down and see all the ways you can. There are so many excellent recources and home school programs that do most of the teaching for you. So you don't have to "know it all."

You're not alone. When you plug into homeschooling organizations and families in your community, you can go forward with wisdom, encouragement and confidence as you open up a positive new world of socialization and activities for your children. You can even call experts from groups below who will answer your questions about starting homeschooling.

We've heard from people in all situations who have said YES to homeschooling and found creative ways to make it to work -- from two-parent working homes to stay-at-home mom homes and even single parent homes. For the sake of their precious children, they've decided to sacrifice and do what it takes to give them the very best -- morally, socially, spritually and academically. Will you?

Whether you're a parent or a grandparent, please take a serious look at homeschooling your kids or grandkids to save them from public-school sexual indoctrination, moral degridation, low academic standards, and the long list of other serious issues on our problems page.

Remember, you don't have to know everything. Book and computer-based curriculum guides the teaching, making it easier than ever to customize according to you're child's learning style and level. Generally, you'll be facilitating about three hours a day.

Need answers to your questions?
Talk with an expert.

Learn simple steps to homeschooling from an expert. Find a local group and call a homeschooling mom or expert for encouragement and answers. Click one of the links below to connect.

Long-time California homeschool mom, author and speaker Andrea Schwartz is also available to speak to you. Visit her website to learn more and connect at

Step 1: Get started with important facts

   How to legally homeschool in California
   But what about socialization?

Step 2: Get confidence -- you DO have what it takes to homeschool

   Am I qualified to teach my child?
   Home school options, ideas, resources
   More encouragement from parents who have switched to homeschooling

Step 3: Get knowledge and direction from these websites

Explore how to homeschool and receive helpful encouragement and direction. Enjoy visiting some or all of the websites below.
   Home School Legal Defense Association
   National Home Education Research Institute
   Christian Home Educators of California
   California Homeschool Network
   Private & Home Educators of California
   Home School Association of California
   Exodus Mandate
   Alliance for the Separation of School and State

Step 4: Find homeschooling programs and curricula

Here are excellent sources of home-school programs and curricula to help you start home schooling on your own. To make it easy, we recommend starting with an all-in-one program, such as the low-cost CLASS system, the web-based Alpha Omega, or A Beka or BJU Press.

A Beka Academy
Excellent homeschool program on DVDs and Internet streaming by master teachers

Alpha Omega Publications
Professional homeschool curriculum through traditional books (around $300/year per child) or the Internet-based Switched-on Schoolhouse (around $1600 per year). A low-cost church school can do the Switched-on Schoolhouse for as little as $600/year per student.

BJU Press Distance Learning
Another very good homeschool program on DVDs, CDs, and satellite TV

CLASS Homeschool: Christian Liberty Academy
Inexpensive, fully-supported Bible-based homeschool curriculum for parents and church schools. As little as $40/month for 2nd through 8th grades; most expensive program is $60/month.

Liberty Online Academy
Uses Alpha Omega's distance-learning program; also earns dollar-for-dollar credits for your child to attend Liberty University

National Association of University-Model Schools
Low-cost elementary and secondary school education in half the hours. Combines homeschooling and traditional school in a rigorous academic environment.

Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools

Get help setting up various models of Christian schools

Association of Christian and Classical Schools
Helps churches and parents to start classical Christian schools emphasizing critical thinking and creativity

Escondido Tutorials
Online classical education for junior high and high school students

Discover Christian Schools
Learn about starting or enrolling in a more conventional Christian schools

Christian Family Schools
San Diego area homeschooling network

Considering HomeSchooling Ministry
Orange County homeschooling network is a project of -- your statewide pro-family organization, standing strong for moral virtues for the common good since 1999.