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What parents are saying about being back in charge

It's easier to jump into the pool when you see others who are successfully swimming or getting ready to dive in too. 

Read the stories of people who have stepped into educational freedom

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JILL -- "I never in a million years would have thought I'd be homeschooling. My kids attended school in 2 different states and no issues, great grades and attitudes. 2 months after starting school in CA it's been all downhill. The teachers, principals, school boards, they don't care. It's ALL about the 'California Standard,' which I've found to be whatever the teacher wants to teach. My kids are learning more than they would in school and are happier."

MARY -- "I had been undecided on whether to send my kids to private/Christian schools or public schools until I heard about the Harvey Milk Day stuff. That cemented my decision to do what I need to in order to send our kids to private schools when they are old enough. That way my husband and I will have more say in what our children are taught. I don't need someone cramming things totally against our belief system down my children's throats and basically telling me to shove off. I'm the parent, not the school system. I know what's best for my children, and learning about some pervert gay man is not good for them."

JENNI -- "This is exactly why my son will be attending a private Christian school. I was headed in that direction anyway and this just sealed the deal for me. No public school for my son."

Click here for documentation of SB 572 and Harvey Milk's sorid life and values

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CAROLYN -- "We are one family who has pulled our kids out of public school. I am a grandmother who is now teaching my 4, 8, and 14 yr old grandkids. My son called just after Arnold signed those bills and asked if I would teach the girls because he and his wife both have to work. I could not say no. We started in January. I truly enjoy being able to imput godly values in my grandchildren. They are also able to work at their own pace and are doing much better academically. The 4 yr old is reading already."

DARCIE -- "I am getting myself ready to pull my children out of the public school system because of the passing of the new sexual indoctrination laws, SB777 & AB394. I feel these laws are ridiculous! It is NOT the school's business to be teaching moral issues! A person's sexual preference has absolutely NOTHING to do with teaching children academics! It is the parents' responsibility to teach their children morals/values!"

KRISTIE -- "Two years ago I pulled my elementary-aged sons out of public school. Although SB 777 and AB 394 had not yet passed, I could see the writing on the wall. I had been keeping up with the trends in legislation and within the school system. I had filed a Student Exemption when they were in public school, but I knew that one day it wouldn't be enough. I could see that my wish to raise my sons as Christians would eventually be attacked and eroded by the public education system...

...Now that SB 777 and AB 394 have passed, I am SO thankful that my children have been out of the system for the last two years. It was not an easy decision to make back then, since quitting my job would put our financial burden completely on my husband's shoulders. A single income is not easy to survive on, especially in L.A....

...Our home schooling journey has been wonderful, difficult at times, enlightening, sobering, and uplifting. I have learned so much about myself and my children. And our relationship with Jesus has become stronger through journey. I truly believe that God intends for parents to educate their own children, both academically and spiritually. Through the difficult times and the easy times, my family has been greatly blessed by God. I believe that it is due to our willingness to follow His will for our family. When we said "Yes" to home schooling the flood gates of blessings were opened....

...I understand that there are those out there who think that there's no way they could home school their kids. Perhaps they think they don't have the patience or the skills. I have to constantly remind people that no one on earth knows my kids better than me, save God. No one loves my kids more than me, save God. No one wants to bless them and see them succeed more than me, save God. And no one is better equipped (through the grace of God) to educate my kids better than me. I would encourage any family considering pulling their children out of public school to pray, to search the Scriptures, to find out what God says about our kids, and how we are to raise them."

A Testimony of the Benefits of Private School

In 1980 the late James Coleman completed a comprehensive study (funded by the U.S. Department of Education) of academic performance in private and Catholic secondary schools. He made some compelling findings. The achievement test data indicated that students in Catholic schools learned more than students in public schools. Catholic school students were also more likely to improve their scores in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary than their public school counterparts.

In 1997, after tracking the progress of more than 10,000 students since 1979, Derek Neal, an economics professor at the University of Chicago, sustained Coleman's conclusions in an essay published in The Public Interest. Professor Neal found that while 62% of minority students at urban public schools graduate, the graduation rate for similar students of corresponding background in Catholic schools is 88%. Among urban minority students who graduate from public high schools, 11% go on to complete college. On the other hand, 27% of those who attended Catholic schools graduate from college. (A similar 10% increase in the college completion rate exists for white urban students.)

"It's time to get past this argument that it had to be just a difference in the students," comments Neal. He noted that Catholic schools help improve the economic future of their urban minority students by seeing that more of their students become college graduates, who tend to earn more than those without a degree. "You can look at the Catholic schools as an anti-poverty program," he said.

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